Friday, June 3, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

I'm going to try to be btter at this whole blogging thing. End of school, plus business with photography business has kept me from doing so. I'm still trying to decide if I'd like to merge my two blogs- but for now i will just keep them seperate. I've had a flurry of sessions so make sure to check those out here.

Now on to a hopefully reacurring tradition. Fill in the Blank Friday! Thanks Tara!

Ok so here we go....

I love summer because it's a chance to renew and relax. Especially this year I feel as though I've become someone i'm not sure I like that much.  I'm not the teacher I'd like to be, and I'm not the wife or friend I'd like to be. The summer gives me a chance to do all of the things I wish I always had time to do {like cooking, cleaning, hanging out with friends, long meaningful quiet times, working out}I'm hopeing this summer will be a renewing time..

2. A time that mama knew best was in middle and high school when she told me my skirt was too short or that I was wearing too much make up. I didn't believe her at the time, but the pictures speak for themselves! Wish I would've listened :) !

3. My first kiss went a little like this: I honestly dont remember. I THINK it was freshman year homecoming but it was so quick and awkward it may have not actually happened. Dead Serious.

4. My celebrity crush is Mr. Shuester from Glee. Only if I can call him Mr. Shuester and he will serrenade me with show choir tunes.

5. My splurge of choice is defenitly clothes. I've had to settle down since the marraige- but I still love my shopping sessions. I actually don't spend a lot of money on clothes- they are cheap and I buy a lot of them :) 

6. My biggest accomplishment is starting my own photography business.

7. My dance jam of choice is hmmmm how do I choose? I would probably say..... Miley Cirus Party in the USA? Hah...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cooper's First Birthday

Wow. Things have been crazy. If you want to know what I've been up to- just look here. As soon as school gets out (t minus 14 days) I will have oodles of updates- but for now- here are some pictures from my nephew's first birthday!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Catch up- A LOT of info in one post- Read Carefully!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. I'm better at expressing myself with pictures, than words.I have been C-Razy busy with my photography biz, not to mention, TAKS season at school. Sigh, its been a busy couple of weeks. Let's see- where can I begin with updates. Easter was a great time- all the kiddos in one place always equals a happy aunt Jassie. Payton and Katelyn are old enough to hunt for Easter Eggs, and the adults hunted for their baskets. I have some great pics I will have to upload when I'm at home.

FAMILY FUED update: We recieve the post card saying that we are in the "active files" for contestants for this season. Basically we may or may not be called to be on the show. They only give you two weeks notice- so it's kind of risky- but we shal see!!!

This past weekend I spent in Galvestion for my best friend Andrea's Bachelorette Party. It was so much fun!! I got to meet all her fun friends from College, and spend time with another friend from high school. It was an amazing weekend full of laughter, and silliness. Andrea played volleyball in college, so everywhere we went everyone was asking "why are your friends SO tall?"

The TAKS test is finally over- Can I get a halleluiah? Unfortunatley we still have one more week of testing. Boo. However- only 20 more days of School!! YESS!!

On that note I am SO excited to announce that next year I will be working at SECOND BAPTIST SCHOOL!! I  cannot wait!! It was really cool to see how God took care of me during this time. I wasn't even thinking about applying to Second- but a conversation with a friend at a SuperBowl party led me to do so. The next week I was turning in my application. The middle school principal wasn't even there- and it sounded like it was pretty tough to get a spot. A couple of weeks later I got a call from said principal, interview, sample teach, and viola! God provides. I feel so excited to be in a christian enviroment, working with students who have a desire to learn. I've learned a lot of good lessons at Burbank, and I do not regret my time here at all, but am very excited to move a little closer to home.

That's all I can think of for now- Again so sorry for the scattered writing- will post pictures soon!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Whew! What a Weekend

Wow, this was a C-Razy busy weekend full of exciting activities so be prepared for an all over the place post.

Let's start with Friday. Nat and I had "date night". I was super excited, especially because it was a surprise!! After a little confusion, thinking that we were going to Cirque du Soleil, I realized we were going to the horse races!! It was really cool. I've never been before and I really enjoyed watching & betting on the horses. We didn't win anything. My best bet was when I bet on a horse that scratched so I got my money back! But- It was still way fun- and quality time with the hubs.

Saturday afternoon was awesome. We went to a crawfish broil wish some of our besties, Ben and Tindell. We ate A LOT of crawfish. The weather was beautiful, a little hot but nice and sunny. And believe me, we needed the sun! They also had free Sprinkles cupcakes. YUM. We managed to win the raffle- second year in a row!! This year we won a detailed hand carwash and 30$ to the Black Lab Pub. Bonus!!

SUNDAY we auditioned for the FAMILY FEUD!! It was hilarously fun. We basically played the game for about two rounds to show our enthusiasm, then the casting director gave us a card and asked us if we would film a promotion. So, we go back to the room where we are supposed to film "said promotion"- and there is the executive producer!! She said we were there because she wanted us on the show!! So we filmed an audition tape (basically just introductions and cheering) and we were on our way!! We should hear back in a couple of weeks. They have to take the audition tape back to LA to be reviewed. Who knows if we made it- but if not It was still crazy fun!!

Cross your fingers for the Heston Family!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gator Farm

Pretty much anything I say here is not going to do this trip justice. Saturday Nat and Jeff had a "Man Date" to the gator farm in Beaumont. Apparently, there was absolutley NOTHING that could have been a better way to start the weekend! Nat LOVES reptiles of all sorts, and is a loyal watcher of shows like "Swamp People", so, this was pretty much a dream come true. Since his gator farm experience- I have personally learned A LOT about gators. Our conversations have been going something like this:

Nat: "Did you know a Gator can travel up to 30 mph on land?"
Nat: "Did you know a Gator has 3 eyelids?"
Nat: "Do you know the difference in a crocodile and a gator?"
Nat: "Do you know the ratio of boy eggs to girl eggs when a gator has babies?"
Me: Oh. Wow.

Weekend Visitor

This weekend our friend's dog Aiden came to stay with us. I was SO EXCITED. It took Nat a little convincing, but he was on board too. We had SO much fun with Aiden. He is hilarous!! We took him on a run in Memorial Park on Friday- where he thought he had to "mark" EVERY tree. (made for an interesting run) I took him on a walk on Saturday- which mostly consisted of him chasing after various animals, he took a nap with me, and we played a lot around the house. I basically had a shadow all weekend which I LOVED. It was so fun! Aiden- you are welcome anytime!! Here are some pics of our furry friend
Who are these people?
I'm Cute
How he spent most of the weekend.
Getting a little more comfortable

He has the look-away down

I totally dominated that running trail.


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Andrea's Shower

This weekend, I helped throw my best friend Andrea's wedding shower! It was a lot of fun. I got to stay with Andrea and her parents (my second parents). It's so funny we feel just like we did in highschool- two goofy girls who laugh a lot together. And now we are both married (or soon to be!) The shower was wonderful- There was yummy food, old friends, and presents galoure!! Enjoy the pictures!